Colombian recipes

Papaya Dessert

Papaya/papaw/pawpaw is a popular tropical fruit and commonly enjoyed in Colombia

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Indigenous Canadian recipes

Traditional Bannock

According to CBC, “The Inuit call it 'palauga,' it's 'luskinikn' to the Mi'kmaq, while the Ojibway call it 'ba`wezhiganag’ … from north to south and coast to coast, just about every Indigenous nation across North America has some version of bannock.” This specific fry bread recipe comes from Southern Vancouver Island, where the bread is often enjoyed with seasonal jam or smoked salmon.

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Wild Rice & Blueberry Pancakes

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Palestinian and Syrian recipes

Hindbeh (Sauteed Dandelion Greens)

In Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, wild greens like dandelion leaves are abundant during the Spring time and are incorporated into a variety of recipes. The historical prevalence of farmers, shepherds, and villagers living off of the land in these regions has influenced their cuisines to incorporate many plant-based foods.

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Mujadara is a popular Arab dish and has variants around the world. As it does not contain meat, it is often viewed as an affordable meal. Arab Christians traditionally consume Mujadara during Lent while Syrian Jews traditionally consume the dish twice a week.

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South African recipes


Bobotie is a Cape Malay dish from the Western Cape region. As part of Cape Malay cuisine, this aromatic meal draws inspiration from Indonesian and European ingredients.

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Cape Malay Curry

Perhaps the most famous South African cuisine that comes from the Western Cape, where the Cape Malay people – descendants of enslaved and indentured workers brought by the Dutch East India Company from Southeast and South Asia – have a vibrant cuisine infused with local influences.

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