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A research network and documentary-in-the-making exploring Four Stories About Food Sovereignty
How can vulnerable communities work to improve local Food Security and approach Food Sovereignty?
Wayuu filmmaker Miguel created this image to capture our work with #Indigenous knowledge holders in La Guajira, Colombia

For small-scale food producers across the Global South, conventional approaches to “food security” have contributed to a series of livelihood and food crises, as control over food systems has come to be increasingly concentrated in the hands of profit-focused transnational corporations. In response, peasant and farmer groups have allied within and across national borders to form movements that articulate a vision of sustainable, equitable, and culturally appropriate agro-food systems.

Four Stories About Food is about creating a research network for small-scale producers to learn from each other, for researchers to learn from small-scale producers, and for the public to access information about Food Security issues around the world. This network -- which gets fully underway in 2019 -- will consist in the short-term of several components: an international Food Security workshop, a documentary film, ongoing community-engaged scholarly research, and public education activities.

Four Stories header photo credits

T’Sou-ke camas field, Canada – Pamela Spalding

Goats at Wayuu homestead, Colombia – Esteban Torres Muriel

View across Baqa’a, Jordan – Shatha Al-nawasrah

Farmer in N’wamitwa, South Africa – Elizabeth Vibert